Cookies policy

PRESTIJ KALIP LTD. is the owner, and thus responsible, of the project GoogleSlides and its website

PRESTIJ KALIP COMPANY uses both first and third party cookies to ease and personalize the navigation of Users on the website.

1. What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small file or device that is placed in the User’s PC (or any other device with access to Internet), when they visit the website and that is used to store and recover data of Users about the preferences and navigation of the website (such as the language, the font size, and other viewing preferences).

PRESTIJ KALIP COMPANY’s cookies are used to improve on the User’s experience, allowing them to navigate comfortably through the website, interact with third party sites, provide additional functionalities and additional services to those on the website and analyze the use of the site more precisely. For example, the website is able to place a cookie in your navigator to avoid that the User has to remember and enter their password more than once on their visit to the website.

2. Types of Cookies and Purpose

There are different types of cookies with diverse purposes. Some cookies that can be found on the website are:

  • Technical Cookies: These allow the User to navigate through the website and use the different options or services available.
  • Personalization Cookies: These allow the User to access the services with some general characteristics predefined in relation to a series of criteria.
  • Analysis Cookies: These allow the responsible of the cookies to follow and analyze the behavior of the Users of the website. The information collected through this kind of cookies is used to measure the activity of the website and elaborate on User navigation profiling, with the purpose of improving and enhancing the Website.
  • Publicity Cookies: These cookies allow the management, in the most efficient way possible, of the publicity spaces on the website related to criteria such as edited content or the frequency at which adverts are shown.

We provide you with a list of cookies that are used on the website:

Analysis Cookies:

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (‘Google’). Google uses this information for the purpose of evaluating the use of the website, compiling reports on the Users’ activity. Google may use the collected data to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network. More info

GoogleSlides uses these cookies to analyze how Users interact with the content of the website. It registers information about the User’s navigation on our website, allowing it to know which actions the User performs on the website, as well as their previous interactions. This information is used to compile data in order to improve on the User’s experience and create new services.

3. More Information

The usage of cookies can be modified in the navigator settings. Most navigators include a ‘Help’ section in their toolbar. For more information, you can find links to cookies settings of the most used browsers below:

  • For cookies on Mozilla Firefox, click here
  • For cookies on Google Chrome, click here
  • For cookies on Apple Safari, click here
  • For cookies on Microsoft Windows Explorer, click here

PRESTIJ KALIP COMPANY remits to these sections to obtain information on how to activate, deactivate or eliminate cookies.

PRESTIJ KALIP COMPANY recommends that Users leave their cookies on as this helps to take advantage of some of the functions on the website.

4. Updates and Changes

PRESTIJ KALIP COMPANY may modify this Cookies Policy in compliance with new legal requirements.